Courthouse Falls

A short hike off of FR140. Take HWY 64 out of Brevard towards Rosman. At Headwater Outfitters and 215 cut into Pisgah National Forest. After about 10 or 11 miles you’ll see FR140 on the right. Take the dirt road and follow the creek. You’ll go over a bridge that has been supported with rocks. After about 3 miles from the time you turned on FR140 you’ll cross a bridge. Park next to that bridge and take the Surrey Cove trail for a little over .2 miles. There is Courthouse Falls. If you miss the bridge on FR140 the road ends .1 miles from it so you will be ok. Enjoy!

[Original Geotagged Photo avaliable via Flickr]


3 Responses to “Courthouse Falls”

  1. […] reach this easily accessible waterfall, follow the directions towards Courthouse Falls to reach 215 from Brevard, NC. Once you turn right on 215 at the Headwater Outfitters, drive about […]

  2. […] a story would flow out of a bard’s mouth. There are many beautiful falls in NC and many that are more beautiful than Bard Falls but this is the best waterfall for […]

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