Kiesee Falls

All my future photos posted on Flickr will be geotagged but I’m going to provide directions to waterfalls whenever I post them. This one is on the same road that takes you to Courthouse Falls.

On FR140 as soon as you cross the bridge supported with rocks and the river, you will round a corner and start going uphill. Before a sharp left turn you’ll see a trail called “Kiesee Trail” hike about .5 miles until the trail splits and take a left. You’ll have to listen carefully for the falls because they are very secluded from the trail. Once you hear the falls and see the river through the trees to your left, cut down the hill. You can only reach the river by crawling on your hands and knees down the steep incline.

These falls are very secluded and make for a great campsite!

[Original geotagged photo avaliable via Flickr]


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