Bard Falls

Start by following the directions to Mortimer, NC through the Wilson’s Creek recreation area via Google maps.

It won’t hurt to stop in at Mortimer to pick up a map of the area.

Follow the gravel road through Mortimer until it dead ends into NC-90, take a left and about a mile up you’ll see FR464, turn left on it. Drive a little over 3 miles on FR464 and the parking for the Bard Falls trailhead is on the left. Look for the Hunt Fish Falls parking area because the Bard Falls parking is about a ½ mile past that.

The trailhead starts on the right side of the parking area downhill and goes for about a mile before you’ll need to turn left. At just over 1/4 mile from this turn, the trail crosses the creek. From here, it’s less than 1/2 a mile to the campsite! The total hike from the parking area is just under 2 miles.

[View the original geotagged photo via Flickr]


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  1. I’m coming waterfalllllllll.

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